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Lines 684—686 in the Bill as Passed were revised to read:
“ The owner of any Towing Service or storage facility that violates division (E) of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor”. 


Click Here to view the revised Bill as passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate

What This Means for You: 

  • An estimate for the removal of the accident must be provided before Towing or wreckage removal  can begin

  • Failure to provide an estimate upon arrival results in pricing caps
    • Pricing cap: Not more than $90 for a car
    • Not more than $150 for a truck/commercial vehicle larger than 10 thousand pounds. 


Estimates are required at Accident/Wreckage Scenes Before Towing
  • Towing Services must provide an estimate to the vehicle operator before they may begin clearing the wreckage.
    • (D) “If a towing service fails to provide an estimate at an accident scene as required by this section, the towing service shall not charge fees for the towing and storage of the motor vehicle removed from the accident scene that exceed 25% of the fees authorized under Division (G)(1)(b) of section 4513.601 of the Revised Code for a motor vehicle removed from a private tow away zone.